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Workshop Departmental Description

Department in Winning workshop

1.Injection molding workshop

The parts of the pen are produced in this workshop by means of moulds

注塑车间 (4)

注塑车间 (5)

注塑车间 (1)

注塑车间 (2)

注塑车间 (3)

2.Printing Workshop

Printing in the body of winning pen in accordance with customer requirements

印刷车间 (3)

印刷车间 (4)

印刷车间 (5)

印刷车间 (1)

印刷车间 (2)

3.Refill workshop

Refill workshop includes the production, assembly, centrifugation and inspection of refill.

The writing length of winning ball pen refill is 600-800 meters, and for gel pen refill is about 300 meters.

笔芯车间 (1)

笔芯车间 (5)

笔芯检测 (3)

笔芯车间 (6)

笔芯车间 (7)

4.Mould workshop--Mould maintenance and adjustment


模具车间 (1)

模具车间 (2)

模具车间 (3)

模具车间 (4)

模具车间 (6)


仓库 (6)

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